Conditions of use

Global Chef - TodoHostelería, with corporate name: CHEF GLOBAL 2014, S.L. (hereinafter website) from SEVILLE (Spain). All products offered in our online shop have been purchased directly from manufacturers, so all our products are covered by this warranty. Read this document and print if you want a copy of it for future reference.

The placing of an order for the website implies that you have read and accepted the conditions of purchase. Submitting your order is subject to acceptance of this by the website.

Your use of the site for its part is entirely conditional on the understanding of the conditions of use. These terms and conditions of use together with your order confirmation constitute the contract between us and you and implies acceptance of the conditions of purchase.

The website and all rights to their content, images, text and design are owned by the website.

The prices are VAT NOT INCLUDED and are expressed in EURO. Prices may vary without notice.

All purchases will be paid by the advance payment, the full amount must be paid by credit card or bank transfer. Price does not include installation of products.

Returns: we will not accept any returns without the consent of the company, and if they accept the costs borne by customers. The website will not proceed to the payment of the amount of the purchase until you verify that the item is in good condition and comes with the original packaging and full documentation. Otherwise it will proceed to the payment of the purchase.

The website, reserves the right to the enter or change without notice the changes in prices or models of the products made by our manufacturers.

The court claims shall have jurisdiction in the courts of our headquarters in the city of Seville (Spain).


The products supplied by Global Chef are considered industrial equipment, or what is the same, for professional use, within the framework of the business or professional activity by the customer. For the purposes of the Law 3/2014, of March 27, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, approved by Royal Decree 1/2007 amending, of November 16, our customers do not have the status of "consumer" under the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws.

Not apply to the Law 3/2014, the sale is subject to the conditions indicated on the website and the customer accepts at the time of ordering.

What does it cover?

The web provides 1 year warranty for all new products purchased through the online store under the following conditions:

  • The warranty is applicable only to the customer and can not be transferred, so the warranty is only valid if the customer owns the bill.
  • The warranty for 1 year from the delivery date, the replacement of defective parts, excluding labor, subsisting warranty gives each provider reversing it to our customer.
  • The customer shall notify the defective components manufacturing defect to the web, via e-mail
  • The warranty does not cover misuse given by the user and damage resulting from improper installation. Are not covered by this warranty: crystals, fittings, lamps, electrical components or batteries.
  • The warranty does not cover in any case the change of the device or machine with a new, single replacement of defective parts are replaced.

Are exempt from warranty cases such as:

  • Product deficiencies due to errors of use, no such instructions, misuse or without understanding, lack of maintenance, because of the use of parts not belonging to the original manufacturer for repair attempt by the user, Products with deviations from normal conditions, being pointless for product usability.
  • The spare parts. Given its nature and use, the spare parts are easily manipulated, so they are well proven and lack warranty.

How to proceed with a warranty?

First you must contact us for corrobar is a case covered by warranty: / 954 072 580. Once you verify that appropriate warranty, you can take either of the following ways:

  • Send the machine to our facility. Once the machine make reparation is the return to command.
  • We can send the defective part to change it yourself at your own risk. Global Chef will take care of the cost to an outside service to us for repair or replacement of the part or machine in no time.
  • In the case of Seville, you can directly draw us the machine, and once you pick notified that it is repaired.

What expenses entails the warranty?

The warranty covers the replacement of defective parts, labor replacement of the part and the cost of transporting the machine from Global Chef address to the address of the client. Global Chef also keep a defective or replaced part. In the event that the customer does not return the defective part invoice will be made.

The only costs are the sole responsibility of the customer are transport costs incurred in sending the goods to the premises of the web.

We reserve the right to charge the costs (shipping, working hours etc.) for returns or unwarranted claims.

Data on the repair period are not binding, unless there was an agreement with an end date in writing.

The website will not be responsible for damages to foodstuffs impairment caused by faults or manufacturing defects.

When you have to make a warranty repair, under no circumstances leave on loan to replace another machine in the repair period.

To make use of the warranty will be essential to present the bill attesting to completion.

Cases in which the guarantee loses its value:

  • If you modify, alter or replace some of the same data or proof of purchase.
  • If handled or repair both the identification number as the device itself secured without the knowledge of service.
  • If no invoice or proof of purchase from the web.

How can I use my warranty?

In case you want to return or that he arrange a warranted product that meets the above conditions, you can perform the same steps as for the right of withdrawal. We recommend that prior to contact with us to explain why and see if any warranty.

Installation, configuration and service

Unless the description of the product sheet stated otherwise, the prices quoted do not include costs relating to the installation, configuration or placement of products and equipment. For example, it is not included Configuration Service POS and cash registers. In case you want these services, you can contact us for rates.

However, Global Chef - TodoHostelería has a technical service that will provide a minimum service to help in the configuration that can make your computer yourself.

We recommend that you contact us for any question regarding the coverage of our service and so be sure.

Product recommendation

The website is aimed at providing customers the best products recommendation seeking the ultimate balance between functionality, efficiency and quality. For this, we regularly send product recommendations in your email. At any time you may request removal service, emailing calling customer number 954 July 25, 80 or from the panel of your account.

Bill / Invoice

Chef Global offers the possibility to indicate all your billing data when ordering. To make a complete invoice you must indicate all the necessary data for this (Name and surname or fiscal reason, NIF, fiscal address ...).

Acceptance of these conditions serves as express consent for Chef Global to issue electronic invoices. However, if the customer wants a paper bill, he can exercise this right by contacting us.

In case that all the complete data are not indicated at the time of purchase, a simplified invoice will be made. Once the invoice is made and sent, no change can be made to the billing data.

Offers and prices valid except typo or breakage of stock

These prices except typo, are valid at the time of ordering. The products we offer are immediately available for a limited number of units to meet the expected demand, if not superior convenirle delivery within usual we will offer you the option not satisfied or exchange an item for another of equal value or superior to a possible out of stock, we would proceed to pay him pay by bank transfer - return on your card. Despite our efforts to avoid errors in details, technical data and prices, there may be incorrect data: we apologize and we note reserve our right not to serve a product if these circumstances occur.

Certain products enjoy offering free shipping on the peninsula. This offer is restricted to only those products marked as such and is free postage for the customer the product (not to be confused with all the shopping) and when the delivery address is the Spanish or Portuguese mainland.

Currently the website is in the process of moving the platform, which can be translated into that certain products have a zero shipping costs -not being indicated as such in the list of producers or exorbitant. In such cases, the customer before sending merchandise, web reserves the right to cancel or modify the order, contacting previously with the client.

Versions or colors

Product images shown on the web are standard and need not correspond exactly in color or appearance with the product you serve him. Please note that measurements may vary by ± 3 cm in size and color variations approximate suffer.