Sausage Stuffer and Tying

Sausage Stuffer and Tying

The filling machines or sausage Stuffer make it easy to create hot dogs, sausages and lunchmeat in the guts (ie, the container used to inlay).

There are two types of stuffers . Manuals, where the user turn the lever for exerting pressure to go and get the meat through the funnel; and hydraulics, which are more expensive but that facilitate the task of stuffing.

Key features to look at the machine are the volume of the cylinder that contain mass or mixture pressing (capacity measured in liters as the kilos depends on the mass); and different funnels or mouths you have or you can put a stuffer for the different sizes of casings.

Additional machinery to the stuffer is the clipper or stapler machine is used to put the sausage staples. These clips are the modern alternative to the traditional bound, for example with a rope.

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