Shipping and handling

All merchandise is sent by transport agency. The company reserves the right to send the merchandise by the means it deems appropriate and from the place it deems appropriate, regardless of the transport agency selected by the customer or buyer at the time of ordering via the web (although this The latter will prevail and be used whenever possible and the logistics permit).

The merchandise is always sent to freight paid by the customer.

In no case is a delivery schedule ensured or the carrier calls before delivery. The delivery of the goods is generally made between 8 and 20h, although, if you indicate any observation regarding the delivery (type of premises for example) you can serve the carrier as an orientation.

Delivery never includes installation, assembly or commissioning of the merchandise.

For shipments to countries outside the European Union or through customs control: All these shipments may be subject to import charges (customs, fees or taxes) established by the country of destination (not included).

* Spain: we ship to the peninsula, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.

** In the case of the Canary Islands, the merchandise will always leave our warehouse upon payment and customers pay only the requested items and the shipping cost on our website. Once we make the shipment, the client will then have to pay the possible expenses that are incurred from customs, and taxes such as the IGIC.

*** We do not deliver to post office boxes, nor to transport agency central/warehouse addresses.

Deliveries not made

If the transport agency cannot deliver the merchandise at the indicated address, the merchandise can be returned to the facilities from which they were sent. Chef Global is not responsible for the expenses generated by the reshipment of the merchandise back to the client in the cases in which it has not been possible to deliver due to erroneous domicile or repeated absence in the same.

It is the client's responsibility to provide as much information as possible for delivery and be available at the address provided to receive the merchandise.

In case the merchandise is returned to Chef Global's facilities due to rejection, repeated absence and / or incomplete or erroneous address, and the customer no longer wishes to receive the merchandise requesting the refund of the purchase amount, Chef Global reserves the right to deduct from the return of the amount of the order all the charges derived from that delivery not made because of the customer (both initial dispatch and subsequent reshipments and / or return).

When will I receive the merchandise?

The merchandise will receive it, within the peninsula, within approximately 48/72 hours from the date of dispatch (shipment) of the merchandise (in the case of large shipments, the delivery period may be extended a little longer ).

The delivery date depends on whether the merchandise is in stock. Certain products are made to order, so that their expedition may be delayed further, as is the case of spare parts, saw belts, showcases or certain types of trays, among others.

If you want to ensure the delivery period, contact us at, indicating the reference of the item you need.

Complaints about merchandise

Chef Global 2014 will take care of the damages caused by the transport as well as the shipping costs provided that any of these situations occur:

  1. Receipt of a product with a factory defect, that is, if you have received a product that does not offer the security and / or operation that you could legitimately expect. It will not be considered a defective product for the sole reason that such product is subsequently put into circulation in a more perfected way.
    In this case, the customer has a period of 24 hours from the receipt of the shipment to contact us.
    Once we verify that it is really a factory defective product, we will proceed to the replacement or repair (depending on the availability of stock) of the material. In no case can the freight be used to return the material. If the client additionally wants to return the defective merchandise, the corresponding postage will be deducted.
  2. Receipt of broken product due to transportation.
    If the customer, when collecting the merchandise, observes irregularities in the packaging and / or in the product, you must reject the merchandise and / or make it appear on the delivery note of the transport company and notify us of it within a maximum period of 12 hours. Only in that case, the transport company will admit the claim. A delivery note signed as delivered is indicative that the merchandise has arrived without damage to the customer, and therefore no claim can be made. It is not enough to put on the delivery slip "Pending Review".
  3. Receipt of an erroneous merchandise, which does not correspond to the order.
    In this case, the customer has a period of 24 hours from the receipt of the shipment to contact us.

For any of these cases, the client must contact us, within the deadlines set for each of the cases, through our email Please, for any claim, do not forget to indicate your order number and send us some photos of the material received, as well as the packaging.

Once we receive your claim, we will proceed to confirm the circumstances contemplated in this clause and see if the return is appropriate. After that, if applicable, the new merchandise will be sent.

The delivery date, and therefore acceptance of the order delivered correctly, is considered from the moment in which the client, his employees, dependents, relatives, or people who notoriously work or live with him at the address set for delivery, sign or seal the delivery note. In addition, as of this date, the damages and impairments that the merchandise suffers will be borne by the buyer / customer, being also the download on its behalf.

The return of merchandise will only be accepted, both in the cases previously exposed and in the case of the right of withdrawal, when it is returned to Chef Global, or to the address that Chef Global indicates, in perfect conditions. This is understood as the same state of operation, unused, with the original packaging and accessories and / or accessories.

It is therefore recommended to keep the original packaging in perfect condition for a minimum period of 15 calendar days.

Under no circumstances will the return of products from the Outlet / Liquidation section, second hand, exhibition / occasion or defective products, or products manufactured especially or with variations proposed by the client be admitted. The spare parts also have no exchange or return option.

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