Transfer / Ribbon

Transfer / Ribbon

Tapes and rolls of ribbon and transfer for use in label printers with printing by thermal transfer.

Such print passes the ink of the roll or ribbon to the paper by applying heat. So the difference with direct thermal is that the heat is applied to the transfer. Direct thermal printer applies heat directly onto the paper, hence in this case the paper must be specially prepared to react to heat.

The thermal transfer printing provides greater duration of impression against direct heat (this is not recommended for products exposed to air, light or heat thus suffer great wear, its duration is estimated at approximately one year).

These transfer differs on one side depending on the printer model for which it is to be used. On the order side, according to the surface you are going to use and the exposition of this impression.

Thus, we can roughly distinguish three types of ribbons, low to high adhesion:

  • Wax / standard: Your base is wax and allows high speed printing. Suitable for printing high volumes of labels and cardboard for continuous use. Its use can be applied to inventory and stock control, logistics and transportation and labels in stores.
  • Blend/mixed/Wax-resin: This mixture of wax and resin offers higher capacity adhesion and duration of printing. Suitable for printing on labels and other synthetic materials with least porosity and therefore need a stronger adhesive. Is recommended for stock and inventory control, logistics and transport, store labels, pharmaceutical, packaging, signatures and logos, labels for gardening, bracelets and products at low temperature and frozen foods.
  • Resin: extreme case of ribbon for special cases that require a maximum adhesion. It's the kind of ribbon to be used for cases polyester, metallic paper, glossy surfaces, special plastic, etc. Thus, it is recommended for use in the pharmaceutical, packaging, signatures and logos, labels for gardening, bracelets, low temperature products as frozen foods, high temperature products like food and beverage, cosmetics, serial numbers, textile labels, laboratory samples, chemical material and automotive.

Additionally, special ribbon or fabric for such cases gold and shiny silver.

always recommended for hard surfaces, the ribbon is chosen from a pre-test with the manufacturer for the material to ensure the strength and quality of printing.

If you are looking for thermal transfer printers, pass by our section label printers, and if you are looking labels for this type of printing see our section thermal labels.

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