Exhibition Products

Exhibition Products

The products that have been put on exhibition or exhibition are also available to buy on our website, at a special price for having minor flaws in their appearance. They may also have been used for some demonstration.

All these products are in perfect working order, being the only flaws those that may have arisen from the own manipulation in the premises, such as small scratches in their cascarsa or embellishments, that is, physical aspects of the exterior.

In liquidation you will find products that have already been discontinued by the manufacturer, or items that we will not have in store.

As a good second-hand market, we offer these products at a special price. Do not miss the opportunity since they are the last units of products. Find here the bargain of hospitality machinery.

As new items, they enjoy the same guarantee as any other new item, that is, 1 year warranty (unless otherwise indicated in the article).

* The articles of exhibition, liquidation or with small damages do not have return.

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