Cash registers

Cash registers

Do you need to properly record your sales and close the cash? Here you can find several models and types of cash registers.

For example, Olivetti registrants are well known, synonymous with many of quality, design, technology and performance superior to other alternatives in the market. Its ergonomic design tends to please everyone, and does not usually go against the space we find inside, with a spacious drawer that allows ample storage. But apart from the Olivetti registrars, you can also find other alternatives that you should consider, since they are also going to be a great acquisition.

When deciding between one or the other, you must take into account aspects such as the type of keyboard, functions included or the type of printer.

We also show you some tactile register model, the closest to a point of sale terminal (POS) that you can find.

Among the brands that you can find in these sections are the Sampos, Eutron and another great alternative of the Sam4s market.

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