Chef Global - TodoHostelería, with its corporate name: CHEF GLOBAL 2014, S.L. (hereinafter the Web or Company) from Seville, Province of Seville (Spain) is registered in the Mercantile Registry in book 0, Volume 5854, Folio 105 Section 8, Sheet SE-101121, Registration 1. All items offered on, have been purchased directly from the manufacturers, so all our products are covered by this warranty. Read this document carefully and print a copy of it for future reference.

Placing an order to the website means that you have read and accepted the purchase conditions. The shipment of your order is subject to the acceptance of this by the web.

The use of the site is entirely conditioned on the understanding of the conditions of use. These terms and conditions, together with your Order Confirmation, constitute the Contract between our company and you and imply acceptance of the purchase conditions.

This web page and all rights to its content, images, texts and design are property of the web.

Prices are expressed without VAT included (VAT excluded) and in EUROS. Prices may vary without prior notice, and more usually, in the case of items that are not in stock and that must be requested from the factory for shipment (as is the case with spare parts).

All orders / purchases will be paid by prepayment, the total amount must be paid, by credit card or transfer.The price never includes the start-up of the machinery, nor its installation.

All orders will be firm. Chef Global 2014 reserves the right to supply the order totally or partially and once or several times. The partial supply will not exempt in any case the payment by the buyer of the merchandise supplied.

The website reserves the right to introduce or change, without prior notice, changes in prices or models of products made by our manufacturers.

The judicial claims will be competent in the Courts of our headquarters in the city of Seville (province of Seville).

How can I place an order?

  1. Through our website
  2. Products that are not published on our website, you can request them in the email
  3. * In the case of orders requested via email or by phone, shipping fees may vary from the web, and the order will have a management charge of €5 + VAT. This management fee will be applicable only in the event that the items requested via email or phone can be purchased through the web.

How can I pay?

The payment methods with which you can buy on our website are:

  1. Bank account deposit or bank transfer.
  2. Payment by credit card.

Customers rights

The products supplied by Chef Global are considered industrial equipment, or what is the same, for professional consumption, within the framework of business or professional activity by the client. For the purposes of Law 3/2014, of March 27, which modifies the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, On November 16, our clients are not considered "consumers" within the framework of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws.

Since Law 3/2014 does not apply, the sale operation is subject to the conditions indicated on the website and that the customer accepts at the time of ordering.


When can I exercise my right of withdrawal?

If the merchandise that you have requested does not satisfy you, you can exercise the right of withdrawal, being for the account of the client the postage and the possible damages suffered by the product or merchandise in its return.

The client has a period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the reception of the merchandise object of the contract, to exercise his right of withdrawal. Within that period of 14 days, the merchandise must be in our warehouses in order to proceed with the withdrawal.

In any case, the products returned will be subjected to an examination upon receipt before proceeding with the refund of the amount.

All postage associated with the return are always the responsibility and responsibility of the customer, both of the shipment to our warehouses, and of returning the merchandise to the customer if the return does not proceed.

No refund will be accepted without the express consent of the company, and in the event that it is accepted, the freight will be borne by the customer. The website will not proceed to the payment of the purchase amount until you verify that the item is in good condition, it comes with the original packaging, all accessories (if any) and all its complete documentation. Otherwise, the merchandise will not be paid.

The return of the sums by Chef Global will be made within a maximum period of thirty (30) days from the receipt of the merchandise. The amount corresponding to the postage will not be refundable. In the case of goods delivered to freight paid (in the case of products with free shipping), the corresponding shipping and packaging costs will be deducted at the time of return.

Since the transport costs originated by the return are borne by the customer, he is free to choose and find the agency that best suits his needs or offers the most competitive rates.

Return Exceptions

You may not exercise your right of withdrawal in contracts for supplies of goods made according to the specifications of the client or clearly customized, products of the Outlet section, second hand, exhibition products or with defects or that, by their nature, cannot be returned or may deteriorate or expire quickly. Likewise, products on request (those requested from the factory directly upon customer request) lack a refund.

Nor will an exchange or return option be applied on products that can be easily reproduced immediately or that by their nature cannot be returned, for example thermal heads, which are easily manipulated, or saw belts, as they are cut to size . Nor will the withdrawal on specific products at the request of the client or products that can be considered, by their characteristics, special or tailored.

Please note that products shipped to any EU member state must be returned from the same EU member state. Due to customs clearance procedure, we do not accept returns from non-EU countries.

In the case of spare parts, given their own characteristics, they have no return because they are easily manipulated and easy to break (case, for example, thermal heads, thermostats ...) or that are requested at the factory upon request of our customers, via web, phone or email.

The customer is reminded that this right of withdrawal does not contemplate the substitution of one merchandise for another. In the event that the customer wants to modify the merchandise for a new one, the costs associated with the new shipping costs and the difference in the price of the merchandise are borne by the customer, in case the latter has a higher price than the initial one.

How can I exercise my right of withdrawal?

To make a return, please enter your personal account on our website Once you have logged in, at the top of the web click on "See my account" and once inside, you will find a button called "Return or Incidence". Press this button and fill in all the requested fields correctly.

Once you fill in all the fields, press the "Send" button and your return request will arrive.

Another option would be to contact us via email, indicating the order number to which it refers.

After this, we will verify that everything is correct and we will respond via email with the necessary instructions to make the return.

Any claim will be made in any case in writing.


The website offers 1 year warranty for all new products purchased through the Chef Global 2014 S.L. store, either in a physical store or online (at

The guarantee will proceed under the following conditions:

  1. The right to guarantee corresponds only to the client and cannot be transferred, so the guarantee will only be valid if the client is the holder of the invoice, and this is necessary to be able to exercise the right of guarantee.
  2. The warranty covers the machinery for 1 year from the date of delivery (the replacement of the defective component), excluding displacements, subsisting the guarantee that each supplier gives us, reverting it to our customer.
  3. In the case of second-hand products, exposure and / or occasion, the warranty is 6 months from the date of delivery, unless another term is explicitly indicated.

The warranty does not cover in any case:

  1. Changing the device or machine with a new one, only defective spare parts will be replaced.
  2. Displacement of the technician or transport of the machine to be repaired (our technical service is located in Seville, Spain).
  3. Products considered consumables such as resistors, switches, fluorescent, etc.
  4. Necessary displacements of the technician or the machinery for repair.

They are exempt from warranty cases such as:

  1. Product deficiencies due to errors of use, for not attending to the instructions, wear, improper use or without understanding, for lack of maintenance, due to the use of parts not belonging to the original of the manufacturer, for attempted repair by the user, products with deviations from normal conditions, being insubstantial for the usability of the product.
  2. The warranty does not cover the misuse given by the user, as well as the failure resulting from a bad installation. They are not covered by this guarantee: crystals, hardware, lamps, electrical components or batteries.
  3. The thermal heads. Bad placement of the thermal head can cause breakage or breakdown. Given this nature, the thermal heads are sent tested and lack guarantee.
  4. The spare parts, since we are not responsible for the handling by the customer of these items, easily manipulated and easy to break.

The equipment to be repaired must be delivered to the premises of Chef Global (or at the address indicated by Chef Global) to proceed with its repair. The customer is therefore responsible for sending the device to the agreed address, and its subsequent collection.

We reserve the right to invoice costs (shipping, work hours etc.) for returns or unjustified claims.

Data on the repair period are not binding, unless there is an agreement with a written end date.

The website will not be responsible for collateral damage caused by damage caused by breakdowns or defects in the machinery.

When a warranty repair has to be performed, in no case will another machine be left on loan to replace it during the repair period.

In the extreme case that, due to special circumstances, the machine must be replaced with a new one, the warranty date will remain as of the delivery date of the first machine purchased.

To make use of the guarantee it will be essential to present the invoice or ticket that certifies the acquisition.

How to proceed with the warranty?

First of all you should contact us at the email Once the guarantee is verified, you can proceed in one of the following ways:

  1. Send the machine to our facilities. Once we repair the machine, it will be ready for you to pick it up again.
  2. In the specific case of Seville, you can bring us the machine directly, and pick it up once we notify you that it is repaired.

** These conditions are not applicable to those products marked "PRODUCT WITH TOTAL 1 YEAR WARRANTY", since in this case it is the manufacturer directly responsible for complying with this warranty. In these cases, the guarantee includes displacements, labor and defective factory parts in the Iberian Peninsula. To make use of it, please contact us at and we will inform you on how to proceed.

Installation, configuration and technical service

Unless the description of the product sheet indicates otherwise, the prices indicated do not include expenses related to the installation, configuration or placement of products and equipment. For example, the configuration service of the POS and cash registers is not included. In case you want this type of services, you can contact us to know our rates.

However, Chef Global - TodoHostelería has a technical service that will provide a minimum service to help you in the configuration that you can make of your equipment.


Chef Global offers the possibility to indicate all your billing information when ordering. To send you a complete invoice you must indicate all the necessary data for this (Name and surname or tax reason, NIF, fiscal address ...) at the time of placing the order, later the data cannot be modified.

The acceptance of these conditions serves as express consent for Chef Global to issue electronic invoice.

In the event that all the complete fiscal data is not indicated at the time of purchase, a simplified invoice will be made. Remember that you will only receive the invoice of the orders once they have been delivered and with the data indicated at the time of placing the order, and that once generated, it is not possible to modify any data of the same.

Offers and prices valid except typo or stock breakage

The prices we show, except for typographical errors, are valid at the time of placing your order. Despite our efforts to avoid errors in details, technical data or prices, incorrect data may exist: we apologize for this and note the reservation of our right not to serve a product if these circumstances occur.

Certain products enjoy the free shipping offer in the peninsula. This offer is limited only to those products marked as such, and consists of free shipping costs for the customer of the product (not to be confused with the entire shopping cart) and when the delivery address is the Spanish peninsula.

Versions or colors

The product images that appear on the web are standard and do not have to correspond exactly in color or appearance with the product we serve. Please note that measurements may vary by ± 5% in size and colors may vary approximately.

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