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  • Portable Liquidisers & Beaters Sammic

    The known and reputable brand Sammic has its own range of portable arms to the functions of crushing and beat ideal for many tasks in the kitchen, such as making purees and baby food, grind food such as vegetables, fruits dry masses ... or whisk, soups and mixes.

    These teams are composed of a motor and an arm, can be found in our catalog for both these separate, as together. Not all engines support all the arms, and also in terms of their potency, they serve to pots (container where the arm is to be used) of varying volume. The arms are differentiated according to whether they whisks or blades to grind and length.

    To help you in your task on which arm to choose, we offer the following summary table with the different models boque motor function and supporting arms. Remember we offer ma seconómicos producots which already include motor and the arm in different subcategories.

    If you are looking for a replacement or exchange, stop by our section of Sammic portable electrical parts.

    ModelFunctionSpeedFor boilers with a capacity ofArm admitted
    TR-200CrusherFixed10 litersBXS 200 mm
    TR-250CrusherFixed15 litersBS 290 mm
    TR-350CrusherFixed75 litersBL 500 mm and BN 420 mm
    TR-550CrusherFixed150 litersBL 500 mm and BXL 585 mm
    TR-750CrusherFixed200 litersCrusher 600 mm
    BM-250MixerVariable15 litersBB-250 300 mm and BS 290 mm
    BM-350MixerVariable60 litersBB-350 396 mm and BN 420mm
    TR-BM-250Combined (crusher and mixer)Variable15 litersBB-250, BS 290 mm and BSX 200 mm
    TR-BM-350Combined (crusher and mixer)Variable60 litersBB-350 and BN 420 mm
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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items