For greater agility and ease, at Chef Global we offer you different methods or methods of payment, all looking for the highest payment security.

In all these payment methods we do not have access to your bank details, guaranteeing your peace of mind during the purchase.

The payment methods with which you can buy on our website are:

  1. Bank account deposit or bank transfer.
  2. Payment by credit card.

Bank account deposit or bank transfer

When placing your order, you will be provided at the end of the purchase process, and later by email, the data to make the deposit or bank transfer in our account.

If you go to an office of this entity and make the account deposit, or if you make the transfer from a bank account of the same entity, we will receive notification of the payment on the same day, and we can make the shipment as soon as possible.

If you make a bank transfer, you can send us the transfer receipt by email to speed up the process, and thus proceed to prepare the shipment without having to wait for the bank to include the amount in our account.

All expenses associated with payment by bank transfer, whether national or international, are charged to the customer or buyer, never charged to Chef Global 2014, and if any, will not be reimbursed in case of return of the merchandise.

In any case, we will not proceed with the shipment of the merchandise until the bank reflection of the total amount of the order in our bank account.

Payment by credit card

This form of payment allows you to make the payment using your credit or debit card. We do not charge any commission for this form of payment.

In Chefglobal we do not store, manage or get access to our customers' bank details since we work with a secure bank payment gateway (virtual POS), so it is directly the bank that works with your bank details and with the maximum security possible thanks to the SSL protocol that the gateway has.

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