Preparation of churros and porras (batons)

Preparation of churros and porras (batons)

In this section you will find automatic and manual metering, stove and basins. Both operational process are very similar. After creating a dough with flour (for which you may find helpful for that amassed a bowl), this gets into a metering. The metering is going to pull out or throwing the dough into a boiling pan, and chopsticks are going in a circular motion.

The difference between churros and batons lies especially in the dough. Both doughes are quite similar but with some differences: batons carry higher proportion of flour to water; batons also include any variant of yeast (organic or chemical) to remain fluffier; and that the dough of the batons needs to rest 10 minutes.

In addition to the basic equipment to make dough, like the doctor and the fire, we have other accessories such as brackets or chopsticks for handling the mass of churros

In short, to make Churros requires the following equipment:

  • A dosing where to put the dough and using a plunger to tease out the dough to fry. 
  • Pan, pot or stove to fry the dough. This container should be a broad and shallow. 
  • Various accessories such as skimmers, rods or sticks, and a squeegee will help in preparing these churros.
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