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FAST Glasswashers

FAST Glasswashers

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PREMIUM product at a very good price and also with TOTAL WARRANTY of 1 year, which means that during a year labor, defective factory parts and displacements are included !!! (Only available for the Spanish peninsula)

Main Features:

  • Glasswasher with electromechanical user interface
  • Built with double partial wall on the sides
  • Rounded and stuffed basket guides
  • Door with integral double wall
  • Cuba welded and equipped with an integral filter of composite material
  • The washing chamber has no pipes or edges
  • Do the washing only with the lower arm (has lower and upper arm)
  • The wide width of the door in relation to the reduced height of the machine, make it the ideal solution for premises with small spaces, but which have the need to wash tall glasses.
  • It has as standard a peristaltic rinse aid doser adjustable from the control panel.
Max Height (cm)
Cups 25

Technical characteristics:

Models FAST 30
Basket size (mm) 350x350mm
Max wash height (mm) 250mm
Vat / boiler volume (L) 7/2,6
Bucket Resistance (W) 600
Boiler resistance (W) 2600
Water pressure (min / max) (bar) 2/4
Wash pump (W) 150

FREE SHIPPING TO SPAIN, INCLUDING CANARY ISLANDS !!! (Contact us at info@chefglobal.es)

** Shipping not included to Portugal

Product Details

3500 W
Electrical power supply


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