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Pedal a water M-M 1/2


Pedal a water M-M 1/2

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Pedals to sources, sinks and toilets can reduce spending on the water bill. The pedal is the replacement to the tap, so that instead of having to regulate the flow of water by hand, can be done with foot, in the same way that a car accelerator is pressed.

Thus, the pedal can control the flow of water coming out with his feet, which is especially useful when you have stained hands or when we want to maintain the highest possible hygiene. That's why finding these pedals are common in kitchens and operating theaters.

This pedal is only for water, that is, only has one entry for a pipe, therefore, it expels water it receives and does not serve to mix.

Connection thread M-M-M 1/2 ".


  • Total length (L): 240 mm.
  • Total height (H): 50 mm.
  • Width (A): 50 mm.
  • Long pedal (l): 170 mm.

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No. Water1 water

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Pedal a water M-M 1/2

Pedal a water M-M 1/2

Pedal a water M-M 1/2

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